ProProfi ICO has started! We have collected 0.0263 BTC.

What is Leadium?

About tokens

Leadium - standard ERC20 token on Ethereum. It is not possible to create new tokens.

Maximum available tokens quantity - 12 000 000 LDM, of them 82% available for purchase at the ICO. 10% reserved by the team of developers for building up project, 5% - marketing and 3% - bounty campaign. All unsold LDM will be destroyed after the ICO.

Use Leadium to pay your orders or for Exchange trade.

How can you make money?

The investors make money on growing exchange rate. The Contractors will constantly decrease the quantity of Leadium token by using them to get the contracts on the website. All used tokens will be deleted.

Minimal exchange rate will be fixed at 10 000 LDM per 1 BTC, which is 20% higher than the starting price of ICO .

Exchange rate will be actualized constantly based on Exchange market and internal exchange.

What is Leadium ensured by

Leadium ensured by homeaprovement and cunstruction services market. Volume of this market in USA - $700 bln, in EU - $1200 bln, in China - $2900 bln a year.

Only in USA about 50 000 projects are posted by Homeowners on similar sites each day. The average cost for getting 1 order - $10 - $50. Total day time earnings are higher than $1 500 000.

The goal is to take 1% of services market. We plan it takes us 2,5 years to reach this hight.


The ICO starts on the 10th of March and lasts to the 30th of April or till the goal of $800 000 would be achieved. The investment of $800 000 let project to come over the point of self-sufficiency and allow to grow in medium term perspective.

The investors will be able to buy Leadium tokens in exchange for bitcoins or other cryptocurrency with rate from 12 500 Leadium per 1 BTC. According to ICO growth the cost of tokens also grows as mentioned. Right after purchase, the tokens will be credited to the personal account. The investor can withdraw them at any time with no limits. After ICO ends we will add tokens on Exchanges, which accept our partnership.

The big shot investors, who interested not only in buying tokens but also want to take part in project development, could contact us. We're interested in rapid growth of project and glad to give special offers and discounts. However, the investment amount can't be more than $150 000 and info about them will be published before ICO start.

12 500 LDM per 1BTC (10 March)
11 500 LDM per 1BTC (11 March - 16 March)
11 000 LDM per 1BTC (17 March - 27 March)
10 500 LDM per 1BTC (28 March - 11 April)
10 000 LDM per 1BTC (12 April - 30 April)
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What is ProProfi?

«ProProfi» - the first construction project, which is integrating Blockchain technology, will provide the connection of cryptocurrencies with the real sector of economy through a token Leadium (LDM). It will change the construction services market towards simplicity and confidence. Every Customer can trust a partnership with the Contractors on 100% . The «Pro Profi» database of our Contractors is being checked and actualized by moderators regularly, like nobody else among construction services in USA. Our ultimate goal is to create a community of the happy Customers, who are 101% satisfied with provided services and ready to recommend «Pro Profi» to relatives, friends and colleagues.

The Customer adds his project, and first 5 Contractors who bought the access to this project leave their offers including the price, conditions and terms. The competition between Contractors allows the Customer to reduce the expenses for services. At the same time, limited number of Contractors increases the chances of getting that order. The private professionals compete with the companies on an equal basis and also could get big contracts if they have the required licenses.

After all, Customer compares all offers exploring the Contractor’s profiles (rankings, projects, reviews). Next step is to choose the right Contractor and sign a contract. There are no additional calls or agents with extra fee. Customer finds trusted Contractor and saves not only time but also 30-50% of the cost.

How do we make money?

Our clients are Contractors. We sell top positions in catalog and advertisement. Other services are paid in Leadium. The monetization model tested and showed its effectiveness.


We don't make money on selling orders to proffesionals. The orders can be paid only in Leadium, that contribute to Leadium quantity decrease (all used tokens for pay for orders will be destroyed constantly) and exchange rate growth.


Some Customers call professionals from catalog instead of leaving an order on the website. Contractors ready to pay for positions according to their specialization, and we make money on it.


The demand of hidden advertisement has a positive trend, when classic banners lose their efficiency. The companies who produce construction materials glad to pay for such promotion, advertisement in the form of not obsessive adviсes on aspect of buying products.


Testing business idea

2014 - 2016

Product development

September 2016

Attracting investment (ICO)

March - April 2017


May - June 2017


End of 2017


Taras Founder and Marketer
Artem Co-founder and Developer
Yaroslav Sales Manager
Valentine Designer